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Cinque Terre guided walking tours

The best way to enjoy the spirit of Italy 5 Terre is moving on foot. Only at a slow pace there is time to look, to not miss any detail of the land and seascapes, during our 5 Terre walking tours you enjoy smells and colors of the places and get in touch with the locals.
In short, a Cinque Terre walking tour is not just sightseeing but an authentic experience.

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Our Italy Cinque Terre walks are conducted by local tourist guides, we take you discovering the inside of the villages, the main streets, the monuments, we bring to life the Cinque Terre telling stories about these unique people and their lifestyle through the centuries to make you catch the essence of the area.

The guided walking tours of 5 Terre can be of three types:

Classic Cinque Terre walking tour: Relaxed strolling down the main streets, some shopping, sip a glass of wine, enjoy a gelato.

5 Terre Urban Hiking guided walk. This is what we call Urban Trekking tour. More activity, visit the main streets but also climb stairs to exploring the rest of the village and reach panoramic points, walk a short part of trails running around the villages without necessarily get exhausted walking on the trails.

Hiking tours of 5 Terre: this walking on the trails between the villages. Of course, the villages will be visited but in between will be walked a real mountain trail with uneven terrain, very challenging, very narrow, lots of up/down hills, huge steps, no railings. For doing the 5 Terre trek is required specific garment and the guided service is provided by a trekking guide. For more information about the toughness of the trails and checking which are open/closed visit the Cinque Terre National Park webpage.

Read more about the type of walking tour that we provide, by visiting our activity level chart.
For moving around can be used public transports like trains, ferries, buses, and for those who prefer to beat the crowd, we arrange private car transfers.

Rely on a local tourist guide to fully enjoy your day in the Cinque Terre. We are professionals examined and licensed by the Province to accompany the visitors during the visit of a certain area. They deeply know our town and surrounding areas; they have knowledge of art, archeology, history but even of local food&wine, uses, and traditions.


Contact us for designing an itinerary together or even just for asking advice. We will do our best to reply within 24 hours.