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About CTTours

Ciao e benvenuti,

I am Umberto Cattani owner of CTTours, a company that provides private tours in Tuscany and Liguria. I was born in Carrara (Tuscany) in 1965, high school degrees in accounting and in tourism management. My “first life” was spent as a sales agent until when almost 20 years ago I fell in love with tour guiding: my second life!

Since then, I achieved the tourist guide license for Cinque Terre, Carrara and Florence, the tour manager license and N.C.C. Italian professional driving license for transporting people with my van.

I like traveling with my family, experience new foods and wines and get involved in the life of the locals. I played soccer and tennis in the past, now I fell in love with cycling. The slow moving of the wheels makes you look at the world “with other eyes”.


CTTours 20 years of experience

CTTours provides tour guide services, tour leader services, chauffeur and driver-guide services organizing private tours only for individuals, small and large groups or special events in order to let them discover Florence and Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Portofino and Italian Riviera (Liguria) in an informative and entertaining way. Another kind of services like package tours, shared tours, ticket purchase, meals, wine tastings, cooking classes, art courses, Italy bike tours we rely on Viaggi & Dintorni travel agency.

Throughout 20 years of activity, I organized a network of reliable and passionate colleagues tour-guides, tour managers, drivers, and driver-guides with whom I share the same approach to this work: we like things done with care.

Passion for what I do. I really love my job and I hope that people feel it. It’s not just about conveying information but involving the visitor in the discovery of the territory.
Commitment to do things right, with care. Each visit, each excursion is important and different from the others because I pay attention to people’s interests and tastes.
We do our best to answer your inquiries within 24 hours.

CTTours provides private tours only, nothing shared.
This means that the tour guide or driver you have booked works exclusively for you.
I organize the guided tour / excursion by planning the start and end times of the service and also the place of appointment according to your needs.
What are your interests?
Would you like to organize a particular itinerary that is not listed? No problem, I will help you to create a program that meets your requests.

For both tour guides and NCC drivers this is their full time job with many years of experience with groups and individuals.
Tour guides and NCC drivers have all legal licenses and authorizations.

 Thanks a lot for your visit and (I hope) to see you soon.