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Activity Level Chart Cinque Terre Walking Tours.

Find the Walking Tour that suites your needs by using our Activity Level Ratings

Our Activity Level Chart provides an understanding of the physical expectations for each walking tour. It will be easier to choose the type of tour matching your physical conditions avoiding unexpected surprises.

EASY. Walking mostly on flat terrain for short distances, standing for a limited amount of time. For example walking tours in Florence, Pisa, Carrara, Portofino and Italian Riviera.

MODERATE. Walking for long distances on flat terrain, standing for extended periods, with possibility of up and downhill walk, climb stairs, step on and off trains, get on and off boats. For example walking in the Cinque Terre villages, visit of the vineyards, full day walking tour in Florence, Pisa, Genoa.

CHALLENGING. Walking for long distances on uneven terrain, with plenty of steps, up and downhill, step on and off trains, get on and off boats. For example walk the Cinque Terre and Portofino footpaths.



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