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Cinque Terre Car Day Trips

cinque terre day trips

Private day tours and car transfers from and to the 5 Terre.

Car day trips, sightseeing tours, transfer tours with personal English-speaking driver.

Our sightseeing tours fit all those who want to come to Italy Terre or those who stay in the Cinque Terre and would like to explore the surroundings.

These are custom day excursions that include pick up and drop off at your accommodation with private driver-guide.

The advised range of distance from Cinque Terre for a day itinerary is approx. 3 hrs drive, in this range, are included Genoa, Portofino and the Riviera, Lucca and Versilia, Pisa, Livorno, Florence, and surroundings.

The journey is enlivened by our English speaking driver, able to tell more about the escapes on the way and about Cinque Terre. If you are eager to know more of the area, feel free to upgrade your 5 Terre day trip by hiring a licensed local guide.

For moving between the villages of the 5 Terre you may choose to remain in the car and get on and off the car in every village, opt for the public boat or a private boat with skipper. For one of you who prefer something more challenging a walk along the trails can be arranged.

Driver-guides are professional chauffeurs fully licensed for the commercial transportation of people, they are reliable, informative and entertaining.
He/she has a good knowledge of the areas and the whole country, during the trip provides information about the history, the culture, the spirit of the region and relative sights.
During the tour, he/she drives guests as close as possible to each town/village and provides (if necessary), maps, timetables, and information for making guests enjoy the area at their own pace.
He/she can point out the right restaurants or will simply ensure that guests get out of their trip whatever you are looking for, fun, culture, sights, landscapes, shopping etc.
Remember that he/she is not allowed to explain in the historical city centers and inside the museum, churches, etc.”

Local tour guides are available on request if you need someone who remains with you the whole day in order to provide an insight view of the area.
Tourist guides are professionals examined and licensed by the Province to accompany tourist during the visit of a certain area. They deeply know their town and surrounding areas; they have knowledge of art and history, lead visits in museums and archeological sites, but even of local foods and wines, uses and traditions.

Car Transfer and Transfer Tours

Seat back and relax, our driver will take you at destination

NCC service

CTTours joined the Travel Safely Project with NCC drivers.

Dear Client,

Any time you hire a chauffeur service (rented vehicle with driver) remember to check that they are an authorized N.C.C. (Noleggio Con Conducente).

An authentic N.C.C. will bear a distinctive plaque on the rear bumper of the vehicle, bearing the number of their license and the name of the municipality that granted it, and will display the initials “N.C.C.” in the windshield.