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Italy Trips – Private Tours in Italy

Italy Cinque Terre private tours with personal English speaking driver. Exclusive itineraries to discover the beauties of Italy.

Make 5 Terre be part of your private tour of Italy, tailor-made experiences for enjoying the best of the Italian regions.

If Cinque Terre is a stage of your trip to Italy, let us know, we might help to plan other visits and experiences in our beautiful country. We put the drivers with comfortable vans, you tell us if you have an idea of a trip and we will help you to develop it. If you need also to plan meals, accommodations, guided visits, for these services we rely on V&D Viaggi e Dintorni, a local travel agency we coop with.

Italy for well-traveled people. Italy is a country made of “many different Italies”, which means that each single region like Tuscany, Veneto, Sicily, Campania, Apulia, Piedmont, and so on, can be the destination of a single trip because they offer such a variety of landscapes, towns, and villages, foods and wines, art masterpieces, custom and traditions to fulfill every type of taste and requirements about a trip to Italy. This type of Italy trips is probably suitable for well-traveled people, those who have been to Italy before and like to deepen the knowledge of a certain region. Our drivers are safe, informative and entertaining. The perfect support for seating back and relax during the exploration of Italy.

Italy for first timers to Italy. For those the would like to experience a trip to Italy set like an overview of this country, like a taste of this country, we rely on drivers who have a good knowledge of Italy and of the wider region that you will explore. This type of trips tends to embrace a bigger part of our country by traveling for example from east to west (Milan to Venice) or from north to south (Milan Florence, Rome Naples).[spacer height=”40″]

When is the best period to come to Italy? Most of the visitors coming to Italy tend to choose the period between May and September, these are beautiful months, the flowers are blooming and its’ mostly sunny and warm. On the other hand, you could find Rome, Florence Venice Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast really crowded, in Summer is too hot, museums are very busy. Have you ever thought about deseasonalizing your trup? Travel smartly offseason between October and March when the art cities are less crowded, the temperatures are acceptable (especially in center-south of Italy) and rates are even better!

Here below find some sample itineraries throughout Italy, remember that we can provide transportation only with English speaking drivers or even other services like meals, accommodations, guided visits, by relying on V&D Viaggi e Dintorni, a local travel agency we coop with.

Classic Tours of Italy

Itineraries doable any time of the year but even more enjoyable in the low season period (October-March)

Mostly dedicated to those who are coming for the first/second time in Italy and desire to explore a wider part of our country. They last approximately 7-9 days and here are listed only the main stages. Feel free to contact us for more information or for customizing the tour.

Highlights of Italy. Milan – Florence – Rome – Venice – Milan

The Gems of Northern Italy. Milan – Lake Como – Verona – Venice

Central Italy. Rome – Assisi – Siena – Florence – Rome

Low Season Italy Tours

Enjoy the best venues in Italy in the period between October and March.

Naples and Amalfi Coast. Rome – Naples – Amalfi Coast – Viterbo – Roma

Tour of Sicily. Catania – Taormina – Siracusa – Agrigento – Trapani – Palermo

Tour of Apulia. Bari – Ostuni – Lecce – Taranto – Matera – Alberobello

Food and Wine Tours

Motors and Foods. Milan – Parma – Modena – Bologna – Franciacorta

Truffle, chocolate & wine. Milan – Turin – Barolo – Alba – 5 Terre

The Italian Genius. Tour of Italy that includes: Milan – Carrara – Prato – Parma – Modena – Vicenza – Brescia

This tour is about the discovering of the fields in which Italy is recognized worldwide at the forefront: industrial design, furniture design (Milan), car design and manufacturing (Ferrari and Lamborghini, Maserati, car factories and Ducati motor factory), marble manufacturing and design (Carrara), leather and fashion design (Prato in Tuscany), jewelry design (Vicenza); Brescia (the best sparkling wines in the world); Parma (home of Parmigiano and Prosciutto di Parma).

Of course, in the same fields there are other Italian district well know for, feel free to suggest them to us, we’ll be happy to arrange a tailor made tour upon your wishes.

Contact us and let us know your wishes and we will help you to plan your custom private tour of Italy.

Remember our car transfers and transfer tour services with English speaking driver.