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Genoa guided walk for foodies shore excursion

Cinque Tere pesto ingredients

Food on foot guided walk from the shore of Genoa.

Genoa private guided sightseeing tour for food and wine lovers, explore one of the largest historical centers in Europe guided by a local expert and by tasting its delicacies.

Genoa is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and one of the largest historical center in Europe, that’s why we rely on local guides only who are able to introduce you to the secret beauties and the flavors of Genoa so-called “The Superb” included in the UNESCO patrimony since 2003.

Nothing better than the food helps to know more about a place and the people who live there. Genoa was built by the ancient Romans and throughout the 1100 and 1500, A.C. lived its golden age as one of the Italian Maritime Republics together with Amalfi, Pisa, and Venice. The putting up of profitable trades and commerces allowed Genoa to increase its importance and wealth throughout the centuries and the frequent contacts with other cultures made Genoa a lively town where different cultures and traditions melted together creating in the local cuisine such unique flavors.

The main theme of the tour is the local food, therefore the visits of the highlights of Genoa will be alternated to food and wine tastings of local specialties: the St. Lawrence Cathedral and Ducal Palace with some farinata (cheek pee flan), the Porto Antico and some focaccia, De Ferrari square and some cheese focaccia, Garibaldi street with its magnificent Palazzi and a glass of Western Riviera white wine, the medieval Porta Soprana and Porta Sottana main entrance gates of the ancient Genova and taste some Pandolce (sweet bread with raisins and candied fruit) or a gelato in one of the historical pastry shops).

For lunch, some pasta with pesto sauce (remember Genoa is the birthplace of Pesto), or the Genoese vegetable soup, other meat and fish specialties are absolutely unmissable!!!

For more information and quotation please contact Lunaetours they organize and manage this shore excursion.