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Cinque Terre urban hiking tour

monterosso, cinque terre

Private guided walking tour of Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola set up in an active way.

The Urban hiking tour fits all those that love to walk but not necessarily want to hike for 2 hours on the trails.

Discover with your local guide the most charming hidden corners of the 5 Terre: walk the backstreets, walk the high ways that crown a portion of the towns, climb some trip of steps.

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  • Visit the 5 Terre villages doing some more physical activity.
  • Walk the backstreets, climb the steps to the highest places overlooking the villages.
  • Learn more about the wine making by walking in the vineyards.
  • Savor the local specialties and 5 Terre wines.

Tour Details

  • Available: all year round.
  • Type of tour: Private walking tour.
  • Transportation: move between the 5 Terre villages by train and on foot.
  • Duration 7 hours.
  • Activity level: slightly challenging. The walking tours involve up/downhill walking, climb 5-6 flights of stairs if necessary, step on and off of trains.
  • Price: half day from € 170 – Full day from € 320. More info here.

Itinerary of urban hiking tour

The strolling visit incorporates the investigation of 3/4 towns (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso) with your visit control for having a knowledge perspective on this UNESCO site, between the towns you will move via train and by private vessel for beating the group on the ships and docks and appreciate the shocking perspectives on the coast from the ocean side.

Meet your tour guide in La Spezia train station and take the train to Riomaggiore, here hit the way that begins from the train station and stretches tough around the town towards the old side of the town. In transit appreciate the perspective on the Via dell’Amore (still shut because of a landslide and of the whole coastline of 5 Terre. At that point visit the old church of St. John the Baptist and stroll down the primary road to the extent the marina. Extra time pursues.

Thereafter take the train to reach Manarola, where stroll up the primary road to achieving the St. Lawrence church, from where hit the way that extends through the vineyards to the extent the marina. Here become familiar with the neighborhood conventional human action: the wine developing, at that point have a sample of the nearby wines with some bites (optional).

Another train to reach Monterosso around noon. Once arrived go for a stroll along the walkway by the ocean from the new towards the old side of the town where strolling through olive and lemon trees as far the religious community disregarding the town. At that point visit the nearby Oratorio of 1600 rich of puzzling figures. Extra time for lunch or for getting a charge out of the shoreline.

In the afternoon take the train to Vernazza, here before long getaway from the primary road and achieve the perspective sitting above the town from where to take the famous picture of Vernazza. Once returned on the primary road have great (merited gelato). Spare time pursues.

Afterward, head back to La Spezia by train.