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Cinque Terre and Carrara shore excursion from La Spezia

carrara marble quarries shore excursion from la spezia

Cruise tour from La Spezia and Portovenere to the 5 Terre and Carrara marble quarries.

La Spezia and Portovenere private shore trip to the Cinque Terre (Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia) and the Carrara marble quarries of Michelangelo.

Tour details

Available: all year round and fully customizable.

Type of tour: private tour with driver-guide***. Shore excursion to Carrara marble quarries and Cinque Terre that allows in one day to have a taste of both: the legendary Michelangelo’s white marble quarries and the stunning region of the five villages. This tour does not include hiking along the footpaths.

Suitable for: individuals and small groups.

Transportation: travel by minivan in the marble quarries, while in the 5 Terre move between the villages by ferry (sea permitting and during the high season) and travel by minivan along the panoramic road. 

Duration: 9 hrs.

Activity Level: active (Walk up/downhill, go up and down stairs, get on/off trains and ferries). Please contact us for a lower activity version of the itinerary.

Advised clothing: comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, a hat/cap, sunscreen.

Meeting place: pick up and drop off at La Spezia cruise terminal. In case the port of call is Portovenere another timing and meeting point will be planned.

carrara marble sculptor, 5 terre and marble quarries shore excursion


This is a sample itinerary, feel free to require further customization that better fits your wishes or needs.

Meet the driver-guide at the cruise terminal/facility and ride to Carrara first in order to explore the largest marble quarries in the world.

The historical Romans commenced 2000 years in the past, later, artists which include Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, Canova and lots of others, cherished to use the Carrara marble for their works of art.

Portovenere from the seaside

Nowadays quarry-men undertaking every day “Mother Nature” with the intention to excavate from these steep and abrupt slopes such a unique stone, white and shining, still famed everywhere in the world.

Once arrived in Carrara have the chance to drive up high on the marble mountains to admire a unique scenario and, when active, watch the quarry-men at work and learn more about the methods of excavation and transportation of marble.

The excursion proceeds with the visit of a workshop of sculpture where watch the marble artisans at work (in weekdays) and learn more about the methods and techniques used for the carving of Carrara marble.


Depart to the Cinque Terre in the late morning, drive along the panoramic road and get off in Portovenere, where have enough time to savor local specialties and explore this unique UNESCO site. Your driver-guide will provide information about

  1. Places where to eat local specialties.
  2. Assist for purchasing the boat tickets to Vernazza (approx 50 min. ride),
  3. Explain clearly where will be the meeting point in Vernazza.


Once arrived in Vernazza take your time to explore the village. It is so charming: the square by the sea, the shady alleys, the colorful houses. Spend approx 30 min. there, afterward, meet your driver and move towards Corniglia. This is the smallest village of the five, and the most isolated one, located on top of a rocky spur 100 mt. above the sea. Due to its isolation is always quieter than the others and offers also a good chance for a tasty gelato.

Meet your driver again and, heading back to La Spezia, enjoy the last breathtaking views from Volastra.