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Shore excursion from Portofino and Santa Margherita to Cinque Terre

monterosso, cinque terre shore trip from portofino

Cruise shore trip to 5 Terre from Portofino and Santa Margherita.

Private cruise day trip to Monterosso, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia from Portofino and St. Margherita.

Tour details

Available: all year round and fully customizable.

Type of tour: private cruise shore excursion with driver-guide***. This is a sightseeing tour that allows in one day to have a taste of this magnificent region: walk inside the villages, a touch of local culture, stunning views from the seaside, all at your own pace. This tour does not include hiking along the footpaths.

Suitable for: individuals and small groups.

Transportation: move between the villages, by train (very short ride) and by ferry (sea permitting), by minivan along the panoramic road. 

Duration: 9 hrs.

Activity Level: active (Walk up/downhill, go up and down stairs, get on/off trains and ferries). Please contact us for a lower activity version of the itinerary.

Advised clothing: comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, hat/cap, sunscreen.

Meeting place: pick up and drop off at the shore of Portofino or Santa Margherita.


Here below you see three different proposals for exploring the Cinque Terre, please choose one of these or feel free to require a further customization of the itinerary, for example, to arrange a hiking tour of the 5 Terre footpaths.

Manarola – Vernazza – Monterosso self-guided tour and English speaking driver service. The driver-guide drops you off in Manarola, if the parking conditions permit, he escorts you along the panoramic path that overlooks the village as far as the marina. He provides maps, ferry/train timetables, all necessary info for moving easily through the 5 Terre, and finally agrees with your place and time of meeting in the afternoon.

Afterward you will on your own taking the ferry to Vernazza, spend approx 1 hr there, then take another ferry to Monterosso. Here, in the largest village of the Cinque Terre have time for lunch, exploring the village and eventually take a swim in those clear sea waters.

Monterosso – Vernazza – Riomaggiore with English-speaking driver-guide*** He remains with you whole day. Once arrived in Monterosso drop the car there and together with your driver-guide take the first train to Riomaggiore. Walk around the village along the high path (flat and paved) and enjoy amazing views of the Via dell’Amore (closed at the moment) and of the older part of the village. After some free time take the ferry (sea permitting) to Vernazza and admire the Cinque Terre coast from the seaside.

Once arrived in the village explore the characteristic shady alleys and the main street of the village. Afterward, take another ferry to Monterosso. Arrive in the largest village of Cinque Terre for lunch, with enough time to experience some local specialties in a local restaurant, to stroll the village and (if you like) to shop for a while. Afterward, meet your driver-guide and return to Portofino or Santa Margherita.

Cinque Terre with private English driver and local tour guide. This is probably the most comfortable way to explore the area, and certainly the most expensive one. The local guide (who remains with you for the whole day) provides in-dept information of the area and is able to match trains and ferries for trying to avoid the crowd and enjoy the day at the best. The private driver guarantees the flexibility of the schedule: ride along the panoramic road of 5 Terre, pick you up anywhere you want if you are tired, skip/add one or another village.