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Ancestry and Genealogy Tours

Genealogy travel, ancestry trips in Italy. Private ancestry tours, travel back to your Italian roots with a personal driver.

Private day tours with English speaking driver to find your legacy in Italy. Explore your ancestry, investigate your parentage, walk the paths that your progenitors walked and reveal your family story on a unique adventure in Italy.

Italy ancestry genealogy tours

Does your family come from Italy? CTTours offers private tours or day trips with private English speaking driver to help you to trace your roots, creating a unique journey in the region where your ancestors come from. CTTours helps you to connect to your roots while immersing yourself in your ancestral culture and learning about local customs and traditions.

We are here to enable you to find the roots of your progenitors, find out about where they originated from, their identity, how they lived, and whether some of your relatives are still living there. Your family ancestry research isn’t finished until you’ve visited your hereditary main Italy ancestry genealogy toursresidence and investigated the spots your family lived before they emigrated to North America. Visit the house of your progenitors, chat with the relatives, recover the memories of their life spent in the home family town.


How does this experience work?

CTTours is based in Northern Tuscany and operates directly with its network of expert English speaking drivers all over the regions of Tuscany, Liguria and bordering regions for providing:

Ancestry and Genealogy day tours, our driver picks you up at your accommodation helps you to carry on genealogic research in the Municipality documents, in the Parish records and burial grounds. He will also attend you to discover as more stories as conceivable about your progenitors, conversing with your relatives or somebody who can know them. At the end the day

Italy ancestry genealogy toursAncestry and Genealogy trips. This is more like an Italian Holiday during which you dedicate one or more days to visit your ancestor’s village. In this case, besides transportation and attendance of our driver for researches in your ancestors home village, you would probably need accommodations, meals, etc. etc. In this case, our driver will travel with you and remain For this type of service, we rely on our cooperation with V&D Viaggi e Dintorni, travel agency based in Carrara – Tuscany.

Contact us and let us know your wishes and we will help you to plan your ancestry tour.