Who is a driver-guide?

What we intend as a driver-guide service?

Driver guides are professional chauffeurs fully licensed for the commercial transportation of people, they are reliable, informative and entertaining.
He/she has a good knowledge of the areas and the whole country, during the trip provides information about the history, the culture, the spirit of the region and relative sights.
During the tour he/she drives guests as close as possible to each town/village and provides (if necessary), maps, timetables and information for making guests enjoy the area at their own pace.
He/she can point out the right restaurants or will simply ensure that guests get out of their trip whatever you are looking for, fun, culture, sights, landscapes, shopping etc.
Remember that he/she is not allowed to explain in the historical city centers and inside museum, churches, etc.”
All drivers partecipate in the TRAVEL SAFELY WITH NCC project http://www.cinqueterretour.it/en/travel-safely/


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